“I’ve struggled with math my entire life. I get the basics and I can do the work, but once you start to substitute numbers with letters, and those same letters mean different things in different types of math, it gets too overwhelming to get through on my own. I was terrified to take Statistics for my MBA program and saved it for the second to last class before graduation. I looked at tutoring options in person and online and most seemed to be pay-per-hour places with unknown people working for other companies. I feared I would just be a number to them and I worried how much they really would be invested in my success. I found Rob’s tutoring information on the University of Windor’s website and saw he was located in Canada. The reviews were great and our initial conversation via email was very informative about the process and fees. I decided to take a chance.
Rob and I met at least once per week for a couple of hours where he would break the complex concepts from my professor’s video lectures into easy to digest pieces. Using Zoom and his online notebook tool, we were able to both see what was being done and he could coach me along with understanding problems and learning to solve them. Rob was even able to proofread my final paper before being submitted, since no-one I know is able to do Stats at this level. I earned a B+ in the class and Rob’s instruction was instrumental to my success. The best part was that Rob was in Canada and I’m in the USA, so I was able to take advantage of the exchange rates to save money on tutoring. Rob was never late, always overcommunicated, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone I meet.”
MBA Student
​Michigan, USA

“I have always been hesitant with seeking help when it comes to schooling and Rob helped take that anxiety and put it to ease the second we started our sessions together. He far exceeded my expectations in terms of patience, understanding and conscientiousness. He was willing to go over problems a second, third or even fourth time when I was misunderstanding or having trouble with my solutions. It was because of his willingness to teach me things in the way that I learn, I was able to officially pass my stats course after a previously unsuccessful attempt and I am officially no longer afraid of statistics.”
Nicholas Homeniuk
Health Sciences
​Simon Fraser University

“I was struggling in my calculus 3 course and was having a hard time figuring out the first steps to take on questions as there were so many concepts to understand. The final was worth a lot of my grade and I felt not prepared enough to pass the course. But Rob was able to help me with that. He was able to show me ways and tricks that would help me understand the question and the steps to solve it. I really enjoyed his teaching style and how interactive each session was. He was patient and if you did not understand something he was able to explain it in multiple ways to make sure you fully understand it. Also I liked how open he was of teaching in the best way that would be most effective for my learning. Ensuring that I was getting the most I could from each session. He had a huge impact on my learning and I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling.”
Keysha Cochran
Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia Okanagan

“Rob is a patient tutor who really lets the student dictate how the sessions are structured. He is also really encouraging. It is nice to be in a setting where your teacher genuinely believes you are capable of learning the material, even if it is difficult for you to grasp. Rob helped me immensely to see what I am capable of.”
Meghan Hunter-Gauthier
Okanagan College

“I contacted Rob to get help for a Stats course I was taking for a Masters Degree in Nursing. Stats and anything to do with math or numbers has always been extremely challenging for me. As a mature student who has been out of the academic world for over a decade it was a very daunting task.
Rob was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. I was taking an online course with very little direction and Rob helped me consolidate and actually learn the material covered in the course. He was like my surrogate teacher! He encouraged me to speak up to the instructors to ask for more feedback in order to make my learning more complete.
I really enjoyed the sessions we had together. At first, I was skeptical about doing online Zoom sessions, but with the use of his white board application it was very clear that online learning with Rob would be very effective.
I would highly recommend Rob’s tutoring sessions. His knowledge and his ability to explain things was incredibly helpful. The extras he provided in learning modules was an unexpected bonus and to be honest, I felt like I learned more from Rob and his educational modules than I did in the course itself.
Thanks so much for everything! It was great to work with you.”
Allison McIntyre
Kamloops, BC

“My entire life math has always been the bane of my existence. I started doing poorly in math as early as the 4th grade and by junior high I was beginning to fail classes. In the ninth grade I was told I have dyscalculia: a learning difficulty associated with numeracy, which affects the ability to acquire mathematical skills. Learners with dyscalculia often lack an intuitive grasp of numbers and have problems manipulating them and remembering number facts and procedures. Let’s just say by the age of 15 I was completely and utterly convinced that math would never be part of my life again. Imagine my sheer horror 20 years later when I decided to pursue a psychology degree, upon discovering that statistics was a required course!
Enter Rob. Rob’s tutelage is without a doubt, the only reason I was able to pass my statistics course. In addition to my total lack of understanding surrounding the most basic mathematical concepts, I also have a tendency to get frustrated and flustered, however Rob took it all in stride. His patience in explaining the material to me was unparalleled. Rob has a way of breaking super complex ideas down into their smallest parts, so that the big picture doesn’t seem so overwhelming. The course material was still an absolute grind for me, however Rob’s affable nature, his patient, engaging instructional style, and his deep caring for my success, became the pillars upon which I built the belief that I could pass. Rob also supplemented my course material with texts and modules he himself created, which were much more clear and easy to follow than my textbook. The online system that Rob uses to instruct, including the whiteboard, work incredibly well and I honestly believe it was just as good as if we were in person.
My hours are all over the place and Rob was very accommodating in finding times that worked around my full time job. Additionally, as my final approached, Rob made himself available by email to answer any questions that came up during my studying. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone requiring mathematical assistance, he truly helped me achieve something I did not think was possible.”
Roo Phelps

“Rob provides an exceptional tutoring service. He adapts to meet your education needs and learning style. In the sessions we worked to develop a plan which was supported throughout by honest feedback. I used his services for a masters degree statistics course I felt doomed to fail and ended up passing with a B+.”
Kelowna, BC

“With my first year of university being online I struggled with an intro to statistics. I reached out to Rob after finding his website and reading the great reviews. Rob was really good at explaining complicated concepts in a way I could understand, and incorporating real life examples into our lessons. As someone who does not enjoy math, Rob was patient and able to help me understand what I was learning. The lessons were well planned out and going through questions with him step by step allowed me to better grasp statistics. I appreciated being included in the lesson and not just him telling me how to do questions, which I’ve experienced with previous tutors. Overall Rob is very friendly and knowledgeable and it’s clear he genuinely cares about his students’ success. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you!”
Edmonton, Alberta

“I needed tutoring with my statistics course and after trying a couple of other tutors that weren’t a lot of help, I found Rob’s website. As someone who has not taken a math course in 16 years and struggled a lot, Rob has a great way of teaching you and helping you learn, rather than just rushing through. Using the whiteboard via online was a helpful way to be more interactive. Rob helped me pass my statistics course with flying colors, significantly more than my own instructor for the course. He is extremely knowledgeable and cares a lot about making sure you understand what you are learning. I would highly recommend Rob for any tutoring!”
Cassandra M.
Calgary, Alberta

“I have just switched into a Health Sciences program and I was struggling in an intro statistics course — Rob really helped me grasp the multiple concepts. In our sessions, he would go through each concept in detail and continually ask me questions that required me to apply my knowledge — this method led to me being able to read a problem and be able to break it down and correctly solve it. I found that learning in an online format was helpful as Rob, alongside my notes from my course, provided his own statistics notes and would go through problems with me, ensuring I understood what was being taught to me!”
Vancouver, Canada

“If I was a religious man I’d say Rob was a godsend. After 15 years of working in the oilfields I decided to make a change and get my 4th class power engineering certificate. I went into the course with an understanding of physics that was non-existent and Rob was able to explain the concepts to me in such a manner that I wasn’t just able to answer the problems we worked on but helped me to have an understanding and be able to apply them to any of the concepts I would encounter throughout the course. After spending 10 hours with Rob I learned more about math and physics than I did throughout the entirety of the delivery of the course material through the university that offered the course. As I managed to walk away from the course with confidence in my comprehension of the theories that I need to apply daily in a practical setting, I will definitely be coming back to Rob when I’m able to challenge my 3rd class.”
Sterling Reid
Victoria, BC

“Rob has been an excellent tutor for me during my first year exams. Having moved from a Canadian high school to a British university, I essentially “skipped” a year (A-Levels), which counts as a precursor to university for the British. Not only did I have to review some mathematics concepts, but also learn some with Rob. Rob was very patient while I tried my best to understand the theories and complete the questions, which helped me get a grasp on the subject matter. I also studied thermodynamics, which Rob offered to help with, even though it was a subject he infrequently tutored. He rose to the occasion, and in fact did greatly help me study for my thermodynamics exam. I am very thankful that I found Rob, otherwise I don’t know where I would be without him.”
Chemical Engineering student,
Imperial College London

“Was experiencing tremendous difficulty with a second year Engineering course, where I simply could not grasp key concepts. Rob helped break down the difficult problems with tremendous patience, and helped me pass the course! The style of teaching was easy to absorb, that even the most abstract theories and concepts were able to be understood. The online tutoring format was incredibly helpful due to time constraints in daily life and schedule. Highly recommended as a tutor. Thank you Rob for helping me succeed.”
Kelowna, Canada

“I have always struggled with math subjects and wanted to make sure I had a good mark in Grade 12 for my future study options. Rob’s style of teaching helped me to understand the concepts in a way that I wasn’t able to learn before. Being able to learn from him in an online format, was helpful as I had a part-time job and needed flexibility in the times that I could get help. Thanks Rob for helping me achieve my goals!”

“I could not have made it through my Grade 11 Calculus course without the help of Rob. I wasn’t comfortable with meeting with my teachers at school during lunch break, so being able to do the tutoring with Rob online was a really easy way for me to be able to get it done. Rob made the material so much easier to understand and I will definitely be using his services in my final year of high school next fall. Thank you so much!”

“I have been struggling with math all throughout high school, and into university. I was even embarrassed to get a tutor because I felt like I knew nothing, but in our sessions Rob made me feel comfortable and like I knew what I was doing. He was able to take concepts that I thought were impossible, and make them easy. He also took the time to go back and explain concepts that I may have forgotten from past years. He is excellent at identifying your weak spots and working with you to correct them. I will always go back to Rob for future help, and would strongly recommend him to anyone who may be struggling.”
Brianna Harrison, UBCO

“Rob responded to my inquiries in a very timely manner and was extremely pleasant to deal with, he took the time to thoroughly explain concepts to me. He provided me with all our notes afterwards so I could look back and see how problems were solved, and he allotted enough time so that we were able to complete the final question even though we were over our time slot. Rob helped me understand key concepts and gave me great tips and tricks to work through problems. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and thorough and his tutoring helped me pass my Calculus 116 course at UBCO, I would highly recommend Rob as a tutor. Thank you,”
Karmen Smith

“I’m an SFU Mechatronic System Engineering student. I had a very bad statistics teacher. The material wasn’t hard, but my prof made it seem otherwise; also it wasn’t clear what material students were responsible for and the textbook was the worst. I was studying, but still failed the first midterm and I didn’t understand my mistakes. At that time I decided that I needed a tutor to explain to me what I need to learn in this course, how to approach questions and how to solve them. After the first 3 hours studying with Rob, I already understood all my mistakes. Rob breaks material into simple concepts and explains them very clearly. I was studying with Rob until the end of the term and due to Rob’s help I understood and enjoyed the course. He also has a very flexible schedule, which is very convenient. I would recommend Rob to everyone who is struggling with an understanding of science courses and especially probability and statistics.”
Yulia Dmitrieva
Vancouver, BC

“I am a 5th year Health Science student taking a third year level statistics class at Simon Fraser University. Rob was great with helping me prepare for my final exam. I was not sure how an online tutoring session would compare to a face to face meeting, but it exceeded my expectations. It is just as beneficial and more convenient seen as you can meet with him from your own home. His approach to teaching allows you to save the work he goes over on a white board and review it while you are studying. He also gets you to practice on the white board so he can see your approaches and help you from there. I would recommend him to any of my peers who are in need of mathematical or science tutoring.”
Miranda Emery
Vancouver, BC

“I am a PhD student in linguistics and need to conduct a pretty intricate analysis of sociophonetic data using methods I am not very familiar with. Rob has been great in explaining all the concepts with very clear examples. I understand what I am doing much better now! I plan to work with him more in the near future to wrap up the analysis for my dissertation as I fully trust his expertise as a statistics professor. I also really appreciate his flexibility in scheduling and dedication to his field and to teaching – he took time to look into statistics for linguistics to know exactly how to help me.”
Irina P.
Vancouver, BC

“Very good experience, helped me understand things others had not been able to explain. Good use of digital technology, saves travel time, maximizes study sessions. Rob is able to quickly understand where I was struggling and provide clear explanations.”
Grade 12 Student, Ontario

“Rob Krausz was recommended by a previous student’s mother on Facebook. I had placed an ad on a local Facebook selling or looking for site. Rob was highly recommended –  I was desperately trying to find a “tutor” for my grade 11 pre-cal daughter who was slightly struggling half way through the school year. I knew that she needed a good foundation in order to excel in the harder math coming her way over the next few years. So I knew if she had a good grasp in the beginning she would do well with whatever comes her way.
I was a little uncertain how skyping would work (we are in the Okanagan and he is located elsewhere) and if she would learn under the conditions. Just after her first session we knew that this was awesome and it was excellent bang for our buck! Rob uses a “Whiteboard” on skype and it is just like having a person working right beside you.
She went from a solid “C” to a low “B” very quickly! She finished off the year with a high “B”.
During the school year we utilized Rob for preps prior to exams. Or if there were chapters that were tricky for her to learn through the high school teachers. Rob has a gift to teach. He explains it in logical way and truly he is brilliant. However, with my daughter he also has a very willing learner! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help with my daughter.”
Tanya Schilling

“My son was having trouble in business math and microeconomics in his first year at SAIT’s business admin program. I was unsure of how Skype tutoring would go but it was great. We are so glad we’ve found a tutor that can help him through his studies. I would highly recommend Rob!”
Calgary, Alberta

“I was a 60 year old student having trouble with the applied mechanics and fluid dynamics paper for the 1st Class Power Engineers Certification. Rob was recommended as a tutor and although I was not sure about the Skype aproach, I gave him a try. Skype worked extremely well and Rob came as advertised in his web site. Rob would look past the answer of a question and find the concepts or learnings that the question contained so I would be able to apply these to other, different, questions. This is something I needed to be successful and confidence was the other. I passed on my first try after a few months studying with Rob’s help. Confidence is the key and Rob’s positive personal approach worked for me. Thanks Rob!”
Alberta, Canada

“I was fortunate enough to come across one of Rob’s ads on Kijiji in the fall of 2017. I needed help with a Statistics course for my MBA I am pursuing through Thompson Rivers University. It has been quite a few years since my undergrad, and even longer since my last stats course… I found myself falling behind. I initially contacted a local tutoring outfit here in Calgary. It was not a pleasant experience, constant issues with scheduling and could not promise me the same tutor every session, and they were expensive.
I was slightly skeptical at first just for the fact I had never had an online tutor, but any concerns I had about Rob quickly vanished within 15 minutes of our first session. Using a combination of Skype and eBeam, Rob was extremely effective at communicating in a manner that made sense to me. Even though we never met in person, he has an ability to get points across. He is patient and makes sure you understand key concepts before moving on. I would strongly recommend him as a tutor for anyone who is looking.”
Thompson Rivers University

“After being out of school for over sixteen years I have decided to work towards my mechanical Engineering degree. Rob is the second tutor I have utilized for the course and I am having a much greater success with his style of tutoring. During sessions I do not feel rushed and he has a way of explaining the material that makes sense. I will be utilizing Rob for future courses towards my degree as well as continuing to receive help with my current ones.”
Bentley, Alberta, Canada

“I was a student of Rob Krausz from January to April 2017, in which he tutored me in Elementary Calculus through the University of Saskatchewan. We met twice a week, in which times Rob was very knowledgeable about the course material. Rob was able to explain many of the topics covered in new and multiple ways to help me gather a deeper understanding of the objectives, history, and real life uses of the equations. Throughout these meetings, he worked through at my pace, and was patient with me when I was not understanding concepts. He also supplied me with methods for tests where I was uncertain, to make sure that I was using my knowledge to the best of my ability. When going into the final I felt prepared, his teaching methods made me confident in my knowledge of the material. This was my second time taking the course, and he helped me increase my grades by over 20%. I would highly recommend Rob for assistance with any mathematics course.”
Rachelle Smith
University of Saskatchewan

“Rob was a fantastic tutor and very different from the tutors I have had in the past. He has the ability to distill the information down so that I was able to understand it. He was open to questions being asked and was invested in me being successful in my course. We tutored online and the program we used was also an incredible tool that allowed me to really understand the material. This was the second time I was taking the same 300 level STATS course and he made all the difference. I can say I passed with flying colours and I have Rob to thank!!”
Asja Wright
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
BA Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University

“I live in Alberta and was quite skeptical at first about Skype tutoring; however, Rob made it as easy as I think it could have been. I found it extremely useful to have his notes saved on my computer for my reference at any time and it was easy to follow along as he taught. He took the time to provide further explanation where I needed it including real life examples, and was very encouraging. Rob made me realize my potential and I thank him greatly for that. I will most definitely continue to use Rob’s services in the future and recommend him to anyone that I can.”
Dana R
Okotoks, Alberta, Canada
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

“Math has always been a daunting subject for me. Since high school I have avoided any education programs and careers that would make me do math…………until now. At age 52 I decided to enter a PhD program at Euclid University. I was really excited until I realized that the biomedical statistics course had a prerequisite of first year university math, including calculus. The last time I did math was when I was 16 and I got 48 % in math 33 (that was the grade 12 math class for the ‘not so good in math’ students). Knowing that I had to learn math again was a very terrifying thought. I started with a local tutor and had some success, but the math work I eventually was doing was outside of his knowledge base (and he was a PhD in Engineering!). I then had to search for a new tutor and I came across Rob on the internet and I am very glad I did. I have spent many years in school and I must say, that I have never had a better instructor in my life! Rob was extremely skilled at identifying areas where I didn’t have strong enough background knowledge to go onto the next lesson.  He would skillfully back up and start with lessons that I was weak in so that I had a strong foundation to go on to the next building block. He was extremely patient and could understand my learning style and teach to that style. When I graduate from my PhD, I think the celebration will not be the PhD, but rather my success in conquering a subject that has terrified me my whole life! I have to say, I don’t think I would have had that success without the amazing instruction from Rob!”
Maureen Evashkevich
BA, PCP, MPA, PhD Student
Health Care Policy, Program and Education Consultant

“Rob was a very effective tutor for a graduate studies course I took in the faculty of Math. As an Engineering graduate I found some of the pure theory challenging and Rob was very proficient at explaining the background while going through practical examples. I had some concern using Rob as he is based on British Columbia while I am on the east coast, however, we met online and used effective tools to facilitate the discussion and work through all the examples. I actually found the online meetings more productive than having to travel somewhere and co-locate for a meeting. I highly recommend Rob for online tutoring!”
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Hi Robert, I want to express my sincere appreciation for all your dedication and expertise in statistics in research. Your knowledge and flexibility in working with my schedule was instrumental in my success in obtaining my Master’s in Clinical Sciences with a specialization in Wound Healing from the University of Western Ontario.”
Kelly S
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“Rob was incredibly thoughtful and patient. He took a good read on what I was trying to get out of math tutoring and adjusted to suit. Grateful!”
Shivon A. Zilis

“Rob is an excellent tutor, he gave a free half hour and offered to go overtime on a session to make sure that I understood a concept. I was apprehensive about passing a math final, and after tutoring I passed with a mid-80s grade. The whiteboard software used was excellent for communicating, and made for easy note saving. I would highly recommend Rob to any student.”
Matt Wall
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Computer Information Systems, Okanagan College

“This was my first time using an on-line tutor. Rob provided me with 1-to -1 tutoring via Skype. Before starting with Rob, I was struggling to understand the material in Statistical Math. Rob worked with me by understanding what my needs were in order to prepare for the exam. I am so glad I found Rob and I ended up passing the exam! Rob I could not have passed the course without your assistance. I cannot thank you enough for the amazing work you did in teaching me to understand the concepts in Statistical Math.”
Linda Zadow
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Athabasca University

“Rob’s an amazing tutor, patient and enthusiastic. He helped me get through statistical sociology and even helped with economics for a few classes. Fun to talk to and knowledgeable with all his topics.”
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
International Political Economy, University of Manitoba

“I highly recommend anyone searching for a stats tutor to give Rob a call. He helped me navigate through my research data seamlessly. He is punctual, reliable, thorough and overall an excellent instructor. He helps to problem solve with dedication and conveys the information in an intuitive manner. He provides an incredible service and offers tremendous value for the investment. Rob is also a true pleasure to work with!!”
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
PhD Student
Faculty of Medicine, University of Calgary

“I was tutored by Rob just before my big Stats final. For most of the semester prior, I was feeling very uncertain in most of the course’s material. But in my meeting with Rob over Skype, we covered every topic that I felt I needed help on and I received understandable explanations to all of my questions. Rob also provided visual examples when it was needed using the virtual whiteboard program. After that I felt more confident in my knowledge and ability with the course’s material.”
Daniel P.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Chemical Engineering, McGill University

“I took a masters level statistics course after being out of school for a very long time. It felt like my instructor was speaking a foreign language. I needed help to get through. A friend recommended that I get a tutor recommending Rob. Rob is an excellent tutor he could explain my course material to me in a clear, simple language. I ended up doing very well in my statistics course and went on to use what I learned in research.”
Mary Ann MacLean
Montrose, British Columbia, Canada
Masters in Clinical Science, Wound Healing
University of Western Ontario

“I started a Masters program at Lakehead University in 2016 and needed tutoring for a Bio-statistics course I was taking. I found Mr. Krausz through an internet search but was reluctant to contact him because he was located on the opposite side of the country as I was. Given the difficulty finding a tutor I decided to give Mr. Krausz a try and I am delighted I did. The technology this instructor used made it seamless to correspond and obtain instruction. Our tutoring sessions were face to face in real time and felt no different than if we had been sitting next to each other. Mr Krausz was professional and knowledgeable. I attended our tutoring sessions armed with questions I had accumulated from my statistics class that were confusing to me, I ended each session with a better understanding of the concepts I needed to know. Mr. Krausz was very helpful with the statistical software required as part of my course requirements, this was tremendous for me as I had little understanding of the software and he was able to guide me through it. In the end, I did much better in the course then I would have had I not used his tutoring services and I would recommend Mr. Krausz to anyone struggling in statistics.”
Lori M
Lakehead University

“Rob was my tutor for a university statistics course I took last term. Statistics is not an easy course but Rob was able to reinforce all the content material and assist with any questions I had. I found him to be dependable, reliable and extremely knowledgeable of the content. There is a trust factor because I had to pay him first and then he would schedule a time but without a doubt he always was accommodating. I would highly recommend Rob as a tutor.”
University of Waterloo

“I am currently a 4th year Animal Biology student at University of Guelph in Guelph, ON. I discovered Dr. Krausz on Kijiji when I was looking for a tutor last year for a second year university statistics course (STAT*2050). Dr. Krausz’s Kijiji ad described him as a patient, knowledgeable and flexible tutor. Needless to say, he was all those things! Although slightly pricey, I would book an hour long session once or twice a week and together we would go over math problems, lectures and if my lecture notes were incomplete, he would give his own little lecture. We used the “eBeam” program and together we were both able to contribute to the lesson such as completing an equation or drawing a curve on a graph. Dr. Krausz gave me the ability to walk into my statistics exam with more confidence and I would recommend him to anybody as long as they are willing to put in the work. Thank you Dr. Krausz for everything :)”
Michelle Pejaković
University of Guelph